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Author:admin Date:2020-12-11

Product Focus:

Building materials: steel, non-ferrous metals, flooring and carpets, plaster, wood, paving materials, cement, concrete, paint, lime, glass, wallpaper, and wall panel inlays, waterproof and non-slip materials, and thermal insulation materials Construction hardware: water nozzles, plumbing equipment, water pipes, sanitary hardware accessories, doors (including cabinet wall cabinet doors) windows and door and window hardware accessories, automatic doors, fasteners, valves, standard parts, nail wire mesh, etc. HVAC: heating and air-conditioning, kitchen and bathroom equipment, water heaters and supporting equipment, architectural lighting, etc. HVAC: building products and structures, roofs, engineering networks, fire safety systems, building technology, etc. Stone ceramics: marble, granite, travertine, and other stone products, tiles, mosaics and other ceramic products. Stone and ceramic cutting machines, polishing machines, and production machines, ceramics, shaped bricks HVAC: processing equipment, glass machinery, construction machinery, construction equipment, engineering machinery and various heavy industry machinery


Qatar Doha International Building and Construction Materials Exhibition is mainly to highlight new products to meet Qatar's rapidly growing construction needs. It provides a unique and dynamic platform for professionals in the international building materials industry and adds glory to the construction trade fairs in the Gulf countries. A stroke. The exhibition has effectively promoted the trade between exhibitors and Gulf regions such as Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.